Laura and Anthony {Wedding Day}

Laura told me shortly after her wedding that it was her ‘dream’ to be on my blog!

I was totally flattered, but as life goes I am not so great of a blogger it seems!

As I was working to get ‘caught up’, I remembered that I wanted to go back to their personal Wedding Page before I hit publish on my own blog post about their wedding because I remember feeling such joy from reading something there.

Yes … there was a counter installed and it reminded me that they have been newlyweds for 157 days already!  Yikes!  I guess I really am behind, but let’s get on with this before it rolls over to 158!!!

In Anthony’s own words, I want to share with you the way I learned about how we arrived at this beautiful day:

“” I got up and walked around, looking over the edge to see what the river looked like. As always Laura kept demanding that I get away from the edge. I guess she was afraid I might take a leap off of the edge or something. Little did she know I was about to take the biggest leap of my life.
“Baby, you have any favorite memories here?” I asked.
“Well, yeah,” she replied.
“What are some of your favorites?”
“I don’t know? I like all of them,” she replied. She gave me that look that said, “Why do you do this? You know I can’t pick one.”
After thinking about it for some time, she finally said, “Well that first time you brought me here will always be special. Then there was that time we came and it was dark and ran into some of our friends. I don’t know Anthony, I can’t just pick one.”
“Oh, okay,” I replied.
This wasn’t working as I had planned in my head. Why hadn’t she asked me about my favorite? She always asks me the same question.
She walked over to the edge and looked, just standing there looking at the sun that was beginning to set, so peaceful and quiet.  I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and whispered in her ear. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” she replied, “So what is your favorite memory here.”
Finally, I took one final gasp of air. My heart was beating uncontrollably. I dropped down to my knee and she began to turn around. I think at this point she knew what this was all about.
“I think this one is going to be my favorite,” I said, “I love you Baby, will you marry me?”
She was shocked to say the least. For several minutes she stood there looking at me crying. Staring at me then at the ring, then back at me.
“Are you going to give me an answer?”
“YES, YES, YES!” she exclaimed.”””


 Now it is my turn to pick up their story line!

Their Wedding Day!

I met up with Laura and her bridesmaids at the Salon first thing on Saturday morning!  Everyone was nervous and excited, but the Bride appeared completely calm… on the outside at least!  =]


The Bride grew up in the historic Mill Springs Community and it was only fitting her wedding festivities be enjoyed by her close family and friends at this beautiful location!

The Bride and her Mother had such an amazing relationship! It was so sweet to watch them interact with happy tears!

By this moment in time the Bride is now very nervous.  I really though it was because we were getting close to the moment of their ‘first look’, but I was wrong.  It was time to see Daddy for the first time in her wedding gown.

I have been to lots of weddings and have witnessed so many different roller coasters of emotions, but this one will be one I remember probably forever.

This is one of THE sweetest …..most sincere moments I have ever been privileged to witness.

Yes, I was a sobbing mess myself trying to hold it together!

The Bride quickly dried her tears and her nerves switched to excitement as it was time to meet another special man in her life  for the first time on their wedding day!

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jolly!

(do you just love their new last name together as much as I do?!!)

I actually got a text from Hawaii the next morning from a certain Newlywed couple wanting to know where their sneak peak was?!!!

I chose this portrait for my favorite of the day:

A beautiful portrait on the front porch of the Brown Lanier House:

Gorgeous Bridesmaids:

Handsome Groomsmen:

A sweet, funny, loving and caring Bridal Party that was such a joy to be around!

The Bride had a special request to stop by the historic Dunagan’s Store on our way to the Church!

Wedding time had finally arrived!

The Groom’s father actually performed the wedding ceremony and it was so sweet and emotional too! At one point in the ceremony he invited Laura and Anthony’s immediate family to come forward and Laura’s brother said a family prayer for their new family. It was incredibly touching and sincere!

Not that we were not having fun before …….. =]

After a day of beautiful weather things began to quickly change and the new Mr. and Mrs. were quickly ushered away from the reception before the dark skies opened up.

I loved the photo of Laura’s parents at the end of the day!  They were such gracious hosts and the last minute chaos caused by the storm had them in a serious discussion about which way they should go apparently!  =]

This day would not be complete with ‘Jolly’ ranchers!  May their marriage be just as sweet!

(I will never eat another one and not think of their wedding day!)

Thank you for sharing your love with me!


A great team of Wedding Professionals made this day not only gorgeous, but also flawless:

Florals:  Danny Conley, Monticello WC Florist

Rentals:  General Rental

Cake:  Virginia Richardson

Catering:  Foothills Country Meats

Thank you also to my fearless and wonderful friend and assistant:  Katie Decker!

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