Eric and Alicia {Wedding Day}

Eric and Alicia were 2012’s first couple!

When they came to the studio to meet with me for the first time I was completely taken by their story.

Their courtship had been very brief after a chance meeting through an online dating site, but they were certain they each had found their perfect match!

It did not take me long to realize these two were completely in love and their wedding day was a special event shared only with their immediate families!

I told Alicia she was my  pinterest/etsy kind of girl! =]  She placed careful emphasis on every detail of their day and designed most of it herself!

It was so sweet and beautiful!

For some reason I always associate wedding days the weather.  I don’t know why .. I just do!  =]

So my weather report for this wedding day will be recorded in my memory as beautiful, but definitely chilly!!

The gorgeous Bride, Alicia…

As always .. one of my favorites from a wedding day …. the first look:

I know Alicia was so cold for these shots, but I promised her the cold chills would be completely worth it!

This photo spot just happens to be the view from her Grandmother’s house that she has such special memories from growing up!


I just love this … My favorite:


Alicia and Eric,

Thank you so much for sharing special day with me!

Best wishes as you begin your new life together. <3


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