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40th Birthday Celebration Venice, Italy

I really wanted turning ‘4-0’ to be a celebration.  A happy time with memories of adventure, fun, love and excitement.  My husband and I have ‘dreamed’ of this trip for a long time and decided that life was too short to only dream so we booked our trip, packed our bags and set out for...

Happy 40th Birthday to Me! Pisa, Italy

On my Birthday morning we woke up early in Rome and headed toward Pisa! After I quick stop getting to experience the Leaning Tower we headed on to Florence. It was a perfect evening to celebrate with new friends, delicious food and local wines in Tuscany! My 40’s started out in an amazing way! My...

Personal Post …. Our Scoliosis Diagnosis

This is a personal post that has been on my mind to share and today just seemed to be the day! Many that know me personally and have followed my photography know that this is my daughter Emma.  She is smart, witty, kind, creative, strong willed and loving. She is 11 years old. And she...

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