a little about me…

Me …. I am most often the one BEHIND the camera …. not in front of it!

While on a fabulous adventure to NYC this spring, I was able to have a little photoshoot of my own! No pressure there, but I had the easy role!

Being in the battlefield of a re-branding process I really wanted to have an updated profile picture of my website and who better to make this happen, but the awesome team of Kamee and Kat!

Thank you from the depths of my heart to Kamee June for capturing this time in my life.  I am so blessed to have you as a friend.  How is it that you seem to know be better than myself at times?!!  =] You just truly captured ‘me’ and I am forever grateful.

Many thanks also to my new friend Katrina Kirk as well!  She got up early one morning to style my make up and hair for the quick photo session  before we all headed our separate ways back home!  You are Amazing!!

I so wish we all lived closer!!!

Thank you for both for the belief that you have in me and encouraging me to believe more in myself!

Love you Both!




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