Welcome to the World Miss Eva {Somerset, KY | Birth Photographer}

During a session at my studio that was a ‘surprise’ announcement for their family about their pregnancy, this sweet Mom mentioned to me that she wondered if I would be interested in documenting the birth of this new baby!

Of course I said YES, YES, YES!  This was something that I have always wanted to do and I anxiously became very excited!

As the months passed we began to talk a little more about it and vacation plans may or may not have been planned around a certain due date!!

Finally the day arrived!  I woke up early with a text from Labor and Delivery! I was nervous and anxious. Those two words sum it up the best!

I waited around at home with several updates and when I could not stand it any longer I headed to the hospital not wanting to miss it after all our planning!  =]

Much like my own labors, this one was moving slow.

With encouragement from Dad, my first stop to photograph this monumental day was at their home!

The nursery was just like something out of a magazine! Beautiful!  Big Sister-to-Be was there to welcome me to her home and show me around!!

Next stop:  Labor and Delivery!

Everyone was tired and a little frustrated with the slow progress, so we decided to give Mom and Dad some time to rest.

After a quick dinner with the grandparents, we went back and not much had changed.  It was finally decided that everyone should go home.

My heart sunk because I really did not want to miss out on the beautiful story I wanted to document.

I lingered for a little while talking to Mom and was even planning to leave and return when things started progressing quickly.

This was it. It was time.

Even though I consider this family to be my friends, I wanted to capture these moments like I was not even there.

As a photographer, I get to experience many ‘moments’ , but this very instant is my favorite so far!

I love how time just stood still for this moment:

Welcome Sweet Eva Blair!

She was beautiful and perfect in so many ways!

This was such a sweet and emotional moment for me.

How incredible to have a physician that cares so much about you and the precious baby he delivered to you.

Big Sister had been up early and waited all day for the arrival of her sister! When she was finally taken home to go to bed she made it as far as the bath tub and was quickly brought back to the hospital!

I loved her little face of disbelief that the baby had actually arrived!

First family of 4 photo!

As a mother of two children myself, I vividly remember worrying about my Son when my daughter was born.

There was so many unknown factors to him and to us how life would be from this moment on.

I just loved this photo because I could recognize so many emotions of happiness, peace and  joy:

I call this the ‘Labor and Delivery Room Crew’ photo:

I am incredibly grateful for Miss Eva’s grandfather who insisted he take my camera away from me and give ‘me’ this sweet gift with mom and baby!

The first thing my husband asked when I called home was if I cried??  To his surprise I didn’t …. until I returned to my desk and started downloading the images. It was such an emotional day and I feel so blessed to have been invited to be a part of it!

I will post Miss Eva’s newborn session soon!!  <3



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