Spring Break 2012 {Washington DC}

Shannon and I headed out last weekend to take the kids to DC for their very first time!  I had not visited the city since a school trip in 4th grade so I was more than ready to go!

Being a photographer and being a Mom is often a funny mix!

I lasted two entire days carrying my 5D a gazillion miles across The Mall and the rest of the trip was documented from my iPhone! =]

Our first stop was the National Air and Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center!

Super cool to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor!

Between the blossoming Cherry trees and gorgeous Tulips, Arlington National Cemetery was breathtaking.

Emma had a great desire to see the White House!

She has become very fond of Michelle Obama (perhaps from her guest appearances on iCarly and The Biggest Loser) and she wanted to see where she lived! =]

We had forgotten that the Annual White House Egg Roll was the following day and because of extra security and preparations for the party we could not even get close enough to see the front entrance.

We kept walking and and ended up at the back door of the White House and she was completely satisfied!

The World War II Memorial was very impressive.  Such a neat trip to teach our children about so much of our Country’s history!

Do you spy the cartwheeling daughter on the lawn of the Washington Monument?? =]


 Yes, there is proof that I actually went as well!  =]



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