Happy 1st Birthday Abigail {Monticello, KY | Children’s Photographer}

It has been such a joy watching sweet Abigail grow! We first met on a cold snowy January day when she was only a few days old!  Her Mommy inquired about doing a monthly photo session her first year and I quickly agreed! I thought it would not only be a great challenge, but something I would enjoy doing very much!

I hope to share more from these sessions with you soon, but today we are celebrating being ONE years old!

Miss Abigail is always on the move and today was no exception! I know that I need to be ready and on my toes at all times!

She was an adorable baby and she has grown into such a beautiful toddler!

I will miss seeing her every month, but as I hugged her Mommy after our session today we agreed Abigail would need to visit the studio often!

Happy First Birthday Sweet Abigail!!





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