Molly and BJ {Wedding Day}

The first night I met with Molly and BJ to chat about their wedding…. it snowed.

It rained on their engagement photo day so as her sweet Mom exclaimed, ‘It is OUR turn for a beautiful day’ and sure enough the day of the wedding it was a sunny with white puffy clouds!!

This wedding was truly centered on family and there was so much love to go around! I felt so welcomed and this wedding will always hold a special day in my heart!


Molly’s sister was an exceptional Maid of Honor….. and I hear Molly will be returning the favor as Matron of Honor this coming June!!  =]


These photos made my heart sigh … I not only look forward to my own daughter’s wedding, but hopefully a granddaughter’s wedding too!

I love a first look……………<3

You can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the quietness of this moment ………..

This jewel entertained me with her cuteness during the receiving line!

Ummm … how cute is this:  Molly’s Mom meeting BJ after the ceremony!  Loved this moment!

Molly and BJ’s reception was held at Molly’s grandparent’s farm! It was such a labor of love that everyone contributed too and the end result was gorgeous!!  Stunning actually!

Thank you so much for including me in your wedding plans! I smile every time I think of it!  =]

Best Wishes and Many Blessings!  ~Kellie

Thank you also to my photography mentor and friend, Tim Webb who stepped in and assisted me on this day!

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